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Upper Division Courses 2018-2019

Schedule of Upper Division and Graduate Mathematics Classes 2018-2019

May 1, 2018

If time or instructor is not listed for a course, that course may not be offered during that semester.  All information is tentative and is subject to change.


Course Fall Semester 2018 Spring Semester 2019
2310(H)(Integral Calculus Honors) Staff (MWF 11:15am-12:05pm T 11:00am)  
3000 (Linear Algebra) Petridis (MWF 10:10am) Klipper (MWF 11:15am)
3100 (Sequences & Series) Lyall (MWF 10:10am)

Usher (MWF 1:25pm)
Lyall (MWF 9:05am)

Lyall (MWF 11:15am)
3100H (Sequences & Series)Honors    
3200 (Intro to Higher Math) Hendon (MWF 10:10am)

Rothstein (MWF 11:15am)

Chastkofsky (TR 12:3opm
Royal (MWF 12:20pm)

Royal (MWF 1:25pm)
3220 (Problem Solving) Staff (T 2:00pm) Schirmer (R 12:30pm)

Ma (T 2:00pm)
3300 (Applied Linear Algebra) Nakano (MWF 10:10am)

Nakano (MWF 11:15am)

Rider (MWF 12:20pm)

Saltz (TR 2:00pm)

Hendon (MWF 2:30pm)

Alli (TR 11:00am)

3500 (Multivariable Math I)

3500(H) (Multivariable Math I)
Adams (MWF 11:15am, T 11:00am)  
3510 (Multivariable Mat II)

3510(H) (Multivariable Math II)
  Adams (MWF 11:15am, T 11:00am)
4000 (Modern Alg & Geom I) Boe (MWF 10:10am)

Pollack (MWF 12:20pm)
Pollack (MWF 9:05am)
4010 (Modern Alg. & Geom. II)   Chastkofsky (MWF 10:10am)
4050 (Advanced Linear Algebra)   Boe (MWF 9:05am)
4100 (Real Analysis) Magyar (TR 12:30pm  
4110 (The Lebesgue Integral and Applications)    
4150 (Complex Variables) Wu, W(TR 9:30am)  
4200 (Point Set Topology) Kazez (MWF 11:15am)  
4250 (Differential Geometry)   Hendon (MWF 11:15am)
4400 (Number Theory)   Pollack (MWF 10:10am)
4450 (Cryptography) Lorenzini (TR 11:00am)  
4500 (Numerical Analysis I) Kazanci (MWF 9:05am)

Black (MWF 12:20pm)
Kapita (TR 9:30am)
4510 (Numerical Analysis II)   Kazanci (MWF 11:15am)
4600 (Probability) Zhang (TR 11:00am) Cantarella (TR 11:00am)
4670(Combinatorics) Boe (MWF 1:25pm)  
4690 (Graph Theory)    
4700 (Qual. ODEs) Tie (MWF 12:20pm)  
4720 (Intro. to Partial Differential Equations)   Tie (MWF 11:15am)
4730 (Mathematics and Climate) Adams (TR 2:00pm)  
4750 (Matrix and Integral Transforms with Applications)    
4760 (Math and Music)    
4780 (Mathematical Biology)    Gutierrez (MWF 9:05am)
4790 (The Mathematics of Option Pricing)   Zhang (TR 11:00am)
4850 (History of Mathematics)   Schneider (MWF 12:20pm)
4900 (Topics in Mathematics)    
4950 (Introduction to Research)    
5020 (Arithmetic for Middle School Teachers) Beckmann-Kazez (TR 9:30am)  
5035 (Algebra for Middle School Teachers)   Beckmann-Kazez (TR 11:00am)
5200 (Found of Geom I) Gay (TR 9:30am) Gay (MWF 10:10am)
5210 (Found of Geom II)    


Tentative Schedule of Graduate Mathematics Courses 2018-2019

(Subject to sufficient enrollment and faculty. If time or instructor is not listed for a course, that course may not be offered during that semester.)

List of Graduate Courses with descriptions can be found here.

Course Fall Semester 2018 Spring Semester 2019
GRSC7770 TBA  
7900 Foundation Graduate Math Clark, P. (R 2:00pm)  
8000 (Algebra I) Chastkofsky (TR 11:00am)  
8020 (Commutative algebra)    
8030 (Geometric Representation Theory) Lai, C. (MWF 12:20pm) Rider (MWF 12:20pm)
8040 (Representation Theory of Finite Groups)  
Chastkofsky (MWF 9:05am)
8080 (Lie Algebras)    
8100 (Real Analysis I) Lyall (MWF 9:05am)  
8110 (Real Analysis II)   Magyar (MWF 9:05am)
8130 (Topics in Analysis)     
8150 (Complex analysis)   Tie (MWF 1:25pm)
8170 (Functional analysis)    
8190 (Algebraic Groups)    
8200 (Algebraic topology)   Matic (TR 12:30pm)
8210 (Topology II) Saltz (MWF 10:10am)  
8230 (Knot Theory) Meier (MWF 1:25pm) Usher (TR 9:30am)
8230    Hersonsky (TR 11:00am)
8240 (Representation Theory of Finite Groups)     
8250 (Differential Geometry I)    
8260(Differential Geometry II)    
8300 (Introduction to Algebraic Geometry) Alexeev, V. (TR 12:30pm)  
8310 (Geometry of Schemes)   Engel (MWF 10:10am)
8330 (Topics Algebraic Geometry) Bakker (MWF 11:15am)  
8400 (Algebraic number theory)    
8410(Algebraic/Analytic Number Theory II)   Clark (TR 12:30pm)
8430 (Arithmetic Geometry)  Lorenzini (TR 9:30am)  
8440 (Combinatorial Number Theory)  Pollack (TR 11:00am)  
8450 (Field arithmetic)    
8500 (Numerical Analysis)     
8550 (Topics in Numerical Analysis) Lai (MWF 12:20pm)  
8600 (Advances in Probability)    
8630 (Stochastic Analysis)   Zhang (TR 9:30am)
8740 (Ordinary Differential Equations)    
8850 (Arithmetic combinatorics over finite fields) Petridis (R 2:00pm) Petridis (R 2:00pm)
9005 (Calculus Teaching Seminar) Black (TR 3:30pm) Black (TR 8:00am)


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