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Mathematics Faculty Award Winners


Regents' Teaching Excellence Award for Department or Program, from the University System of Georgia

Mathematics Department (2022)

Regents' Teaching Excellence Award

Henry Edwards (1997)
Sybilla Beckmann Kazez (2012)

Josiah Meigs Teaching Professorship

Henry Edwards (1991)
Ted Shifrin (1997)
John Hollingsworth (1998)
Ed Azoff (2001)
Sybilla Beckmann-Kazez (2011)
Malcolm Adams (2015)

Beaver Teaching Professorship

Ted Shifrin (1994-97)
John Hollingsworth (1997-2000)
Sybilla Beckmann Kazez (2001-04)
Malcolm Adams (2005)
Clint McCrory (2007)
Ed Azoff (2010)

MAA Southeastern Section Distinguished Teaching Award

Maurice Hendon (2015)

MAA Southeastern Section Distinguished Teaching Award by a Beginning College Mathematics Faculty Member

Toyin Alli (2022)

Senior Teaching Fellows

Henry Edwards (1990)
Ed Azoff (1995)

Russell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Jason Cantarella (2007)
Paul Pollack (2022)

Beaver Teaching Award

H. Edwards (1979)
D. Penney (1980)
Lether (1981)
Bouldin (1984)
Saade (1986)
Dauenhauer (1989)
Shifrin (1991)
Hollingsworth (1992)
Azoff (1993)
C. Penney (1994)
McCrory (1995)
Beckmann Kazez (1997)
M. Hendon (1999)
Gard (2000)
Adams (2001)
Matic (2002)
Benson (2003) 
Kazez (2007)
Alexeev (2009)
Lyall (2012)
Townsley (2013)
Zabcic (2015)
Klipper (2017)
Pollack (2018)
Royal (2020)
Alli (2021)
Black (2022)

Creative Teaching Award

Jason Cantarella (2017)
David Gay (2020)

Outstanding Instructor Award

Susan Whitehead (2002)
Maurice Hendon (2003)
Carol Warnes (2004)
Natalia Alexeev (2005)
Allison Arnold (2006)
Cherilyn Rumely (2007)

Departmental Award for Outstanding Instruction

Jennifer Royal (2019)
Allison Arnold (2021)
Ming-Jun Lai (2022)
Maurice Hendon (2023)

J. Howard Hatten III Award - Named after late Geology Professor J. Hatten Howard III. Established to recognize faculty members who exhibit special promise in teaching Honors courses early in their careers. 

Mitchell Rothstein (1995) 

Lothar Tresp Outstanding Honors Professor -Originally named the Outstanding Honor Professor Award, this award was dedicated to Lothar Tresp, former Honors Program Director, in the mid-1990s. It recognizes superior teaching and dedication to Honors students in senior faculty members. Determined by the Honors Faculty Council and the Honors Program.

Charles Henry Edwards  (1972,1974,1975,1978,1979,1980,1981,1982,1982-Honoratus)
David Penney 
J. Marshall Saade  (1974,1976,1978,1979,1983,1983-Honoratus)
Frank Lether 
Carol Penney 
Ted Shifrin 
John Hollingsworth 
Peter Rice 
Edward Azoff 



David C. Barrow Professorship

Established in 1961 by the University's Class of 1911 in honor of UGA President D. C. Barrow Jr. (in office 1906-1925). David Crenshaw Barrow joined the mathematics department in 1878, and served as department head and Dean of the Franklin College before his appointment as president.

M. Kirk Fort (1964-1964)
George Adomian (1966-1989)
Andrew Granville (1995-2002)
Valery Alexeev (2006-present)

Distinguished Research Professorship

Carl Pomerance (1984-1999)
Jon Carlson (1992-2002)
David Benson (2000-2005)
Valery Alexeev (2004- )
Dino Lorenzini (2006- )
Dan Nakano (2010- ) 

Lamar Dodd Creative Research Award

The Lamar Dodd Creative Research Award is given to recognize an outstanding body of nationally and internationally recognized scholarly or creative activities in the sciences.

Pomerance (1989)
Granville (2000)
Benson (2004)
Nakano (2016)

Creative Research Medal

Gootman (1982)
Johnson (1983)
Rumely (1984)
Lapidus (1989)
Maier (1989)
Smith-Varley (1990)
Clancey (1993)
Alford-Granville-Pomerance (1994)
Benson (1998)
Zhang (2000)
Alexeev (2001)
Izadi (2002)
Lai-Wenston (2003)
Lorenzini (2004)
Nakano (2007)
Fu (2011)
Kazez-Matic (2012)
Krashen (2013)
Usher (2014)
Gay (2021)

Fred C. Davison Early Career Scholar Award

Lin Mu (2023)

Michael Research Award

Pomerance (1982)
Lapidus (1989)
Adams (1992)
Gootman (1994)
Fu (1997)
Zhang (2009)

Sarah Moss Fellowship

Varley (1986)
Graham (1998)


Mathematics Department McCay Award

Clint McCrory (1998)
Robert Rumely (2000)
Malcolm Adams (2002) 
Roy Smith (2003)
Robert Varley (2005)
David Galewski (2007, posthumously)
Daniel Nakano (2008)
Brian Boe (2009)
Jason Cantarella (2011)
Ming-Jun Lai (2013)
William Graham (2015)
Joseph Fu (2017)
Pete L. Clark (2019)
Neil Lyall (2021)
Mike Usher (2023)

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