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Advanced Placement Credit

Advanced Placement in Mathematics

There are several ways well-prepared students can exempt entry level mathematics courses before beginning classes at UGA. Exempted courses can be used to satisfy prerequisites for higher level courses and often fulfil core distribution requirements. Under some circumstances, academic (i.e. hours) credit is also awarded.

College Board Advanced Placement Program

There are two AP Calculus exams. The AB exam covers differential calculus, integrals and some applications, and elementary differential equations. Students scoring 4 or 5 on that exam will place out of the University's first calculus course, MATH 2250, receiving 4 semester hours of credit for that course. When these students come to UGA, they can take either MATH 2260 (Calculus II for Science and Engineering), its honors version (MATH 2310H) or Calculus with Theory course (MATH 2400 or MATH 2400H). These students get to keep advanced credit for MATH 2250. Any major requiring MATH 2200 will accept the credit for MATH 2250.

Students scoring 3 on the AB exam, will exempt the precalculus course (MATH 1113) without credit. We generally advise students scoring 3 on the AB exam to begin their UGA studies with a differential calculus course (MATH 2200, MATH 2250, or MATH 2400(H)).

The AP program also administers a BC exam, which covers both differential and integral calculus, and infinite series. A score of 3 on this test will earn 4 semester hours of credit for MATH 2250. A score of 4 or 5 on this test entitles students to 8 semester hours for MATH 2250 and MATH 2260.

*For students admitted to UGA prior to Summer 2019: A score of 3 or better on Calculus BC entitles students to credit for MATH 2250. Additionally, a score of 5 on Calculus BC entitles students to exempt MATH 2260 without credit; 4 hours credit will be awarded, upon request to the Associate Department Head, after completion of MATH 2500, MATH 2270,  MATH 2700, MATH 3000, MATH 3300, or MATH 3500(H), with a grade of C or better.

College Board Achievement Test

MATH 1101 may be exempted without credit by scoring at least 670 on the SAT II test or by scoring at least 750 on the SAT II with calculator test.

College Level Examination Program

UGA no longer awards credit by CLEP.



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