Mathematics majors have a number of ways to satisfy the experiential learning requirement. Creative proposals from students are welcome: here are a few pathways, some of which are already approved and some of which are still making their way through the university process.

  1. Mathcounts (not approved yet).
  2. Work at a Peer Learning Assistant in the MATH 2250/PLA sections or the MATH 1113/Intensive sections (not approved yet).
  3. Serve as a DAE Peer Tutor for the tutoring Center in Milledge Hall. (approved, search "DAE Peer Tutor" on Engage).
  4. CURO Undegraduate Research Courses and Research assistantships. (approved, see Franklin College blanket approvals).
  5. REUs and other research programs (not approved yet).
  6. Internships (not approved yet).
  7. Certain mathematics courses are approved as EL courses
    1. MATH 4950 Research in Mathematics
    2. MATH 4960H Directed Readings and/or Undergraduate Research (Honors)
    3. MATH 4970H Directed Readings and/or Undergraduate Research (Honors)
    4. MATH 4990H Honors Thesis 
  8. UGA-approved study abroad programs (approved, see Franklin College blanket approvals).